Gears now relies on NickServ for authentication

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Gears now relies on NickServ for authentication

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Hey everyone,

Exciting night! We finally got Gears authenticating you with NickServ. With this, you'll be able to create one single account on TinyCrab and be able to utilize all of the services we offer without multiple accounts. You'll also be able to use any nickname you wish and continue to have that ability. For example, you created a NickServ account with the nickname "FuckAss" and you have a couple of other nicknames such as "DoucheNugget" and "CookyCunt." Before, if you made the account with the nickname FuckAss, you'd only be able to use that nickname to log in. DoucheNugget and CookyCunt would not allow you to interact with Gears. This was a huge problem for a lot of people including myself. As of tonight, since our rewrite, you'll be able to use FuckAss, DoucheNugget, and CookyCunt - even all at once - to retrieve the weather for your stored zip code with !w or !c, call up your most recent LastFM scrobble with !np, or change account settings (coming soon.) Just make sure you're logged into NickServ.

With these changes, unfortunately all account data was deleted (on purpose.) We ask that you recreate your accounts. We've added a couple of new questions to the (very easy) registration process. Just PM gears anything and he'll tell you what to do from there.

Hope you enjoy and that this makes life easier! Please let us know if you encounter any bugs.

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