OnDeck is back! Big prize on Christmas Eve!

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Fuck y!e!s!
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OnDeck is back! Big prize on Christmas Eve!

Post by Noah »

Hey Fuckers,

OnDeck is back! Fuck YEESSSSSSS...

For the jiggaboos that don't know what that means, you should most CERTAINLY check out http://www.tinycrab.net/ondeck. It outlines everything about this wonderful thing, so go read that now.

For those that do know what it is – or do now – we're going to be giving away a $50 gift card to the place of your choice to the person with the most points come our annual Christmas Eve bash/party/event/thing, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Unlike our traditional giveaway, you won't actually need to be on TinyCrab on Christmas eve for this giveaway, though your presence would be delicious -- Especially since there are going to be other random giveaways other than the OnDeck one. *hint hint* there's a rumor going around that a physical server will be shipped to a random TinyCrabber's house this Christmas..

Nobody is exempt from the OnDeck giveaway except for myself since I'm the one sponsoring it. It'd be pretty fucking pointless if I won, now wouldn't it..

Now, people are already collecting points! For those that want to bitch at us for not publishing an announcement until now: the whole point of the game is to see who is candidly active on the network. Thus, if you were paying attention to TinyCrab, you should have already known about this. You'll just see that with this announcement it's gone from "we're probably giving away a $50 gift card" to "we're giving away a $50 gift card." See how that works? No? Fuck yourself.

To get set up with OnDeck, you'll just need a gears profile. Since gears relies on NickServ now to authenticate you, there are no more passwords or any bullshit like that. Just pm gears. The bot will ask you a few questions about your real name, lastfm username, zip code, SSN, sex life, etc. and you'll be good to go. It's as easy as just saying Hi in PM.

To view everybody's scores, just type ondeck scores in PM with Gears. You can also type ondeck help for more useful commands.

Stay tuned! In a few weeks we'll be publishing our Christmas Eve bash/party/event/thing newsletter. :)

Make sure you're fucking subscribed. Put your email address in here and it'll either sign you up or tell you that you are already registered: http://www.tinycrab.net/mailing

Ciao for niao.

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Re: OnDeck is back! Big prize on Christmas Eve!

Post by osxdude »

HEY! Eat the biggest penis you're able to find!!!!

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